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Apple Event September 12, 2012 (iPhone 5, iPod Touch, iPod Nano and others)

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I am sure most of you have seen the features and the live feed I have posted in my Twitter Timeline a while ago (I can tell that most of my followers "Apple Haters" are pissed off right now :p). However, in this post you will be able to see all the features of everything featured by apple, and all the good stuff we are getting this year ! Hooray :p

We were all waiting for this big event, and I was the first in line to know what's going on, and what kind of a surprise apple is hiding for us this time. Well, no need to wait for more. Here are all the surprises apple grant us today !.

The event started at 08:00 PM Kuwait Time in Yerba Buena Gardens.

Now after the event has started, Tim Cook took the stage wearing the same cloths Steve Jobs used to wear "Black shirt with blue jeans," updating the crowd about Apple retial, the surprises, and the new stores around. They were showing a video of the Barcelona new Apple Store opening  a while after ! Apple has 380 stores, 12 countries around the world ! "Impressive indeed."

They started talking about Mountain Lion. Customers downloaded 7 million copies of Mountain Lion, which makes Mountain Lion the fastest-selling Apple OS of all time, stating that the new MacBook Pro Retina is "The best MacBook we've ever made". There was 5% Mac growth year-over-year, and the Mac has outpaced the growth of the PC for the last 6 years.

Afterwards, they were showing the iPad year over year growth. 17 Million iPads sold April-Jun, and 84MM iPads sold through June, 2012. 1 year go iPad had a 62% market share. Now, with "hundreds of new tablets" coming to market, iPad has 68% market share. "Apple must be very proud !"

700,000 apps now in the App Store, 250,000 are built for iPad. 90% of all apps are downloaded every month. Average customer has more than 100 apps "I guess I have even more than that, which makes me an apple freak :p"

Here is a look of how the new iTunes is going to look like on iPad

Phil Schiller took stage to talk iPhone !
Features of iPhone are shown below:

It's confirmed, the new phone is called iPhone 5

iPhone 5 made entirely of glass and aluminum. 

iPhone 5 is thinnest & lightest iPhone ever. 7.6mm thick, 18% thinner than 4S. Weighs 112 grabs. 20% lighter than 4S.  

iPhone 5 has retina display, 4" display.

1137 tall by 640 px wide, 16x9 aspect ratio.5 rows of icons on home screen, web shows more content, more room in calendar. "This is a different thing all together !"

Original apps get centered with black borders on top & bottom, full width. No stretching, no problem (according to Schiller, of course).  

44% more color saturation, full sRGB specification. "Best display in the industry." 

4G now with LTE. LTE on iPhone 5 in USA: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint. 802.11 a/b/g/n, 2.4Ghz & 5GHz wireless.  

"We've updated every aspect of iPhone 5" he said !

A6 chip. 2x faster CPU & Graphics from predecessor. Also 22% smaller.  A6 has new Image Signal Processor to improve the picture in real-time. A6 has built-in ISP

Graphics in the below racing game look like a video. Really impressive! Reflections, scrolling, smooth. "Guys must be thrilled by now :p"
EA used Game Center for time-shifted multiplayer in Real Racing 3. Challenge today, your opponent can race against you tomorrow, "Real Racing 3 coming to the App store later this year." 

Battery life, better than 4S. "Thank goodness !"

iPhone 5 performs faster than ever !

New camera is called "iSight", it's 8 megapixel sensor, 3264x2448, Backside illumination.... 22% smaller. "Finally !"
New camera now has dynamic low light mode, precision lens alignment, sapphire crystal lens cover "which makes it much harder to scratch."

iPhone 5 has better video stabilization

iOS 6 and iCloud has Shared Photo Streams so you can set up streams that friends and family can see. You can take still photos *while* recording video "Impressive !"

You can create multiple photo streams, assign contacts to them, they get a push notification with those photos. You/friends can comment, too.

Front-facing camera is now 720p HD. "It's about time !"

iPhone 5: Improved speaker (3 microphones), 5 magnet transducer, 20% smaller. Also a noise-canceling earpiece for what you hear. ;) 

We're now talking connectors. The 30-pin connector "has served us well for over a decade," says Schiller.  
The Lightning adapter 

You can use those new accessories to be able to use the old ones.

Scott Forstall talking iOS 6

Quick mention of new notification center. Now, Safari. Arrows in bottom right now let you go "full screen mode" on iPhone like you can on OS X. 

There is a "VIP" Mail, app interface. Also, messages can be "Flagged" on iOS which then puts them in a "dynamic, flagged Mailbox" 

 iMaps with its new look, directions and maps

As we heard at WWDC, Siri got enhancements. "Siri knows sports," says Forstall. Siri also launches apps by voice. 

Facebook likes integrated into new iOS stores.

Forstall to Siri: "Can you recommend a good movie in theaters" Siri says that's subjective, but pulls up ratings.  

Siri can also find the nearest restaurant for you, and provide you with directions !

iPhone pricing
iPhone 5 Pricing: 16GB $199, 32GB $299, 64GB $399  
8GB iPhone 4 Free, 16GB iPhone 4S $99 

Pre-orders start Friday, September 14, 2012.
Shipping/delivery starts 1 week later, Friday, September 21, 2012.

Friday, September 28, 2012 sees more countries (list TBD)

iOS 6 update out Wednesday, September 19, 2012.  

Eddy Cue Talking iTunes
Available in 63 countries around the world. 

"More than 2/3rds of our downloads come from iOS devices"

Mini-player is revamped, as well. Shuttle controls appear when you float over (intent-based design).
Search now in mini-player, too. You can play immediately or use "+" to add to queue.
iTunes now lives edge-to-edge of the window it's in. You can see contents of playlist *and* library simultaneously when adding to playlists. "That's fantastic."
  Song previews keep playing even if you leave the page and go to another place in the store.  

New Feature "Up Next" - Lets you see what your queue looks like, and you can rearrange, etc. 
Movie progress syncs with iCloud amongst your devices. iTunes integrated with iCloud.
New iTunes will be available in "Late October" according to Cue.  

Reinventing the iPod Nano.
7th gen iPod nano: 5.4mm thick (38% thinner than predecessor) 
 Nano battery life is 30 hours of music.
 Bluetooth available in nano. Video is in widescreen, uses full screen resolution.

iSight in iPod nano !

Features to look at: Really large display. Easy-to-use controls. Thin. Light. Lightning connector.
New nano has multitouch display with a home button underneath it. 7 different colors  

Now moving on to iPod touch. Most popular music player but, and most popular game player. It's 6.3mm thick. Thinnest iPod touch so far, 88 grams (lightest, too). It has anodized aluminum back

iPod touch 5th gen has same 4" retina display that iPhone 5 has.

Thorsten Wild from Natural Motion Games up to talk faster graphics on iPod touch. iPod touch now has A5, "which means 40 hours of MUSIC :D"
iPod Touch gets a significant upgrade when we talk iSight, it's 5MP camera people ! with front camera which is 720p FaceTime camera. 
Also has Panorama features. iPhoto will run on iPod touch for photo editing. And it has Shared Photo Stream. 

iPod touch loop comes with the iPod, allows you to attach a wrist strap (included) with the iPod touch. 
Video is now 1080p, and iMovie works on the device.
AirPlay mirroring also now available in iPod touch 5th gen. iPod Touch 5th generation gets Siri ! And a dual-band networking.  

iPod touch comes in colors: White, black, green, blue, red. 
Now talking speakers.
EarPods will ship as a standalone accessory starting today. Apple has shipped over 600 million sets of headphones.
New headphones have been 3 years in design. Called EarPods. It will also be bundled with new iPod touch, nano, and iPhone 5
Review. iPod shuffle 2GB $49, nano 16GB $149, iPod touch 4th gen 16GB $199, 32GB $249, iPod touch 5th gen 32GB $299, 64GB $399.

Finally, at the end of the event they've got a music artist coming up "Foo Fighters!"
I hope I didn't forget to cover anything !
Thanks for your time folks ! That's all, hope you enjoyed reading this post :)
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  1. i love the ipod 5

    1. Yes it's quiet amazing, I guess I might buy one very soon. But only after I fix my iPhone 5 :D