Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gifture a complementary application of Instagram App !

When you first see this application, you think its just another copy of Instagram application. Everything in this application looks familiar, the filters, the way you post your photos, the feedback you get and the activity feedback of you, your followers, and the people you follow, the likes, comments and sharing options. Honestly, when I downloaded this application I thought like okay what is the use of having a duplicate of the original application "Instagram". But then I decided to give it a try before I delete it, and then I was surprised :-D

Gifture application was released on April 26, 2012 with the size of 6.3 MB, version 1.0.1 from Toaast Incorporation. It is compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad devices running version 5.0 or later of iOS (but not with Android devices yet). You may visit the application's main website from here. Gifture app gives you the chance to create a short movie or what we can call a "GIF" animation from images on your camera roll, or immediately from original shots. Better yet, this application is free "God knows for how long" and allows you to create your GIF photo in no time, with a bunch of different filters to apply.

In order to start using this application all you need to do is to create a new account by entering your email and follow the steps, or you can log in using your Facebook or Twitter account. As soon as you log in you will see a similar design to that which you see in Instagram. To start creating your own animation, tap the application camera icon and start taking pictures as many as you like.

First of all there are two options to snap pictures with: the auto and the manual mode. The auto mode will create a video-like GIF photo when you hit the save button, as it collects ten frames per second. While the manual mode will bring out your master piece, where you can manually select the moments you want to use in your animation. After you finish taking photos, it is time for you to apply filters (or not); Gifture has seven Lo-Fi filters such asB lack & White, Sepia, Pop, False Color, Vibrance, Monochrome and Invert. Since you are still in the editing phase, this app allows you to delete or save any individual image by tapping the "Edit Photos" small icon. Moreover, it allows you to even adjust the frame rate between one and ten frames per second.

After you are done with editing your photos (GIF), the transformation process begins (I suddenly feel like I am back to studying business administration :-p). However, this process takes only few seconds to produce your GIF or short video; where you can share it either via Twitter or Facebook. Direct links to the image can be shared in iMessage, text messages, and email.

Here are some samples of what this application can do with your pictures. I was playing around when I did this by the way :-D

To download this application from iTunes Store, please visit this link 
To follow their updates and feedback on Facebook, please visit this  link.

Thank you for reading.
Enjoy !


  1. Cool i will give it a try, thank you so much

  2. You are welcome 7aji :-D
    I know you will love this app, its really cool :)