Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Story behind the success of Draw Something Application

Hello again :-)

Today's post is about a very popular post, where I can say that almost everybody is using. 
This application became very popular in a very short time. It has been downloaded more than 50 million times in just 50 days, making it the fastest-growing mobile game ever ! Of course you all know I am talking about "Draw Something" App.

Draw Something application was created by Dan Porter, and is his very first game that he has ever designed. Porter says that this game was never inspired by Pictionary and he's never played the game. The main goal behind designing this game was to create cooperative activities that don't declare a winner. Which in my opinion is an essential part behind the success story of Draw Something app. In fact the game was originally titled Streaks when it was being designed. 

This app invites users to draw a picture and then your friend has to guess what it is. The game invites users to be cooperative, it invites them to chose one of three words to draw which their friend can guess. If the friend guesses right, then both parties will earn gold coins. 

You may create your username by registering your email address, or by linking your facebook profile to this app; so you can find friends who play this game easily :)

Also, you can invite your friends to play with you either by entering their name after you "create a game". Or you can just create a game with a random player as shown below.

This game is available for free download for iOS devices via iTunes, and for Android devices via this link
Of course Blackberry and Nokia users are wishing to have this game on their devices. They hope that the developers at OMGPOP are looking for some additional interest from Blackberry and Nokia users in order to think about developing the game for their devices. And who knows, maybe they might consider developing this application for Blackberry & Nokia users.

Enough talking, let's go through some of the drawings I've made using this application "now don't judge me roughly I know I am just a beginner in this game, and I need to practice more :-D"

This was supposed to be graduation :-p

 And this is obviously a knife 

Here is my funny magician, I dunno why but I feel there is something weird in his shoulders. Maybe he has shoulder pain or something :-p.

This is the sunset.

A Birthday cake :-D

Hey Arnold ! It's obvious isn't :-p

A ladybug, which I hate to see around :-/

A cake
 And a wheat 

As for the below drawings, I've found them on instagram under the #drawsomething hashtag. Honestly, I couldn't help not publishing those drawings, they are insanely awesome and creative.

For more fascinating drawings you can follow the update through the app official facebook page. All you have to do is hit the "Like" and enjoy watching the sweet updates :-)

Hope you enjoyed reading this post.
Laters :-)

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