Thursday, April 12, 2012

The most annoying alarm ever !

I guess I really need to gift this alarm to couple of my friends, since it takes a very long time for them to wake up in the early morning :-p

We all know how hard it is sometimes to wake up at the early morning, specially when you hit that snooze button to enjoy another 5 minutes of laziness laying on your bed :-D
Well not any more, rise and shine sweet pie :-P. Today I am introducing the Ramos Alarm Clock. This alarm is very unique in design and function. It will force you to get out from your bed no matter what you try to do. HOW? let's watch this video.

The 24 year old Paul Sammut invented this alarm after facing so many problems with his alarms in the early morning. This alarm comes with a Defuse Panel; where you can keep wherever you want  (kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere). When the alarm goes on, I know you would love to snooze it or shut it down ! But you can't. This alarm will force you to get out from your bed, head to the defuse panel, where you'll have to enter a code to turn it off. The funny thing in all this, is that you will eventually find yourself somewhere else but not your bed X-D.

The way this clock is functioning is pretty much clever, yet annoying. The clock sits on a nightstand and it only stops ringing after receiving a wireless signal from the punch pad (defuse panel) placed in another room. The reason why I said it is annoying; is that an hour before going off, it can be set to go into lock-down mode, preventing any last-minute changes to the wake up time.

This young inventor raised $75,000 in six days after inventing this amazing product. It's sadly still a kick starter project with a dream of becoming a real one someday. But the current version has a unique look including the hand-built nixie tube teak version which can be yours with a pledge of $350. Here's a list of some of the hard-woods that they'll have available.

If you wish to have this incredibly ammazing yet annoying alarm, visit this website and pre-order your own cute lil devilish Ramos right now :-p

Wish you all happy annoying morning away from your bed :-p

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