Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Microsoft SkyDrive started its own battle !

Going back to my previous post, I was talking about Google Drive and the day it would be officially lunched. Well, no need to wait for more. Today Google Drive was officially lunched for all Gmail users. You can check their official website here. But the thing is that google drive is not yet enabled for users. Which means you already have your free 5 GB, but you still can't use it.

Lunching this service is definitely going to cause a war between all of the "Cloud" storage service providers, such as Microsoft SkyDrive, Apple iCloud, Dropbox and many others. And indeed, Microsoft already started its own battle by creating its own dedicated apps for Windows and OS, which integrate right into the OS by creating a folder where users can drag and drop their files easily and have them automatically synced across all of their devices.

Microsoft has combined with this new step two major things, one is the cloud strategy "Live Mesh" and the cloud service "SkyDrive", in order to offer a more simplified cloud storage service to all users. However, the storage space giving to all "SkyDrive" new users is 7GB for free, though it was 25GB free before. With different paid options at the rates of $10, $25 and $50 per year for 20GB, 50GB or 100GB.
Any existing user of SkyDrive can sign up today and upgrade from 7GB to 25GB for free. This offer is limited and I don't know for how long its going to be valid, so you better hurry up !

Another essential feature is the ability to remotely "Fetch" files stored on your PC running Windows from any browser using (so you never have to worry about forgetting to send or post a file). This means, it will allow you to have access to files that are outside of your SkyDrive folder on any Windows PC. As long as the computer is on and running SkyDrive application, you can browse and access any file on your disk from anywhere after doing a two-step authentication process, so your files will be safe. For more information about SkyDrive features, please visit this website.
Its still uncertain if Microsoft "Live Mesh" service will be shut down in favor of SkyDrive or not. But I believe it would, because SkyDrive is combining almost all the features any user is wishing for !

Moreover, Microsoft has updated its SkyDrive apps for Windows and iOS phones, with the ability, of course, to access your files anytime from any computer by signing to SkyDrive website using any browser. They also revealed that the SkyDrive iOS app now has iPad support, alongside sharing via web links and the ability to upload multiple videos and photos.
You may download SkyDrive app for your Windows and OS X here.

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