Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Facebook new update v 4.1.1 - Bringing Retina Display to iPad 3

Helloooooo people :-p
How are ya all ^_^

I am sure you are all waiting for this update since the day the new iPad was released, because I know I am.

Well, no need to wait anymore. Facebook for iOS update was released yesterday April 2, 2012 and is available for download in apple store for both iPhone and iPad.

This new update brings Retina display graphics to that amazing screen of the new iPad. 

The most require update for Facebook application was the hi-fi Retina Display support which allows the new iPad users to take full advantage of that amazing Retina display. The new chat status option where you can choose to either go online or offline. The addition of 8 more languages. Also, Facebook has fixed a lot of bugs that existed in the previous version, such as:

To update your Facebook application for your iOS device, visit iTuens and download the latest version of this app.