Monday, January 16, 2012

New #Blog #Design @ilulzQ8

Hello everybody, how are ya :D
I know its been a while since the last time I have posted something in my blog. But now inshallah things will be different :D
I have changed the design as you can see, and the name of the blog to ilulzQ8. Hope you all like the new changes ^_^
Also, I have created a new twitter account specially for the blog @ilulzQ8

The main reason behind this post is to know your opinion pertaining this design and new look of this blog :D
I am open for all the suggestions and comments :)

Ohh and I forgot to say that the logo is under process :D

Wait for my new posts, soon ;)
Enjoy your day ^_^


  1. My sweet friend, I translated your blog, very nice and interesting you site.
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  2. Dear Alberto,

    Thank you for your sweet comment, it will be my pleasure to visit your blog and check it out. And it is an honor to have you as a friend :)