Saturday, November 12, 2011

Yaldez Palace Restaurant in Kuwait City

I have found this place coincidentally ! I don't know why there is no much publicity for this place ? I have been there two times now, one with my friends for smoothies and soft drinks and the other one for lunch with my colleague :)

I have noticed that this place is not very familiar and no one has written anything about it, except for few people ! Actually this place is great, the view is amazing and the atmosphere is really something !.

Here is my experience with Yaldez Palace Restaurant :)

Yaldez Palace Interior Design was done by Alpha Architects for the owners: Ali Al Khaled, Hasan Ali and Sayed Abbas Al Mussawi

Location: The roof of Burj Hmoud (a.k.a Jashanmal Mall), Opposite to Al Muthana Complex, Kuwait City
Tel: 22455212
Opening Hours: 12 PM to 12 AM

First when you enter the restaurant you will find someone waiting for you to greet you ... its really nice of them :)

And then when you proceed further there is this crazy bar :D I like its design, it looks really strange and will force you to look at it.

And then you will reach the seating area, its all made of wood and gives you the feeling of a very comfy atmosphere.

And when you go further, you will go to the kitchen area and the outseating area. There are two places for the outseating area. One is in door outseating area full of trees and green plants with a closed roof. And the other one is an open area full of green trees and plants :) .. I didnt had the chance to take a photo of it because it opens only at night.

They also serve shisha in the outdoor seating areas :)

This is the kitchen

And its facing the in door outseating area.
This is how it looks at night.

And here is how it does look at the morning

I didnt go to the rest rooms but I have found this photo from archofkuwait website

And now, let's talk food
Me and my colleague ordered Chicken Pane, Vine Leaves, Arayes and Homos with Meat. We actually didnt wait for much, after they brought us the appetizers, they immediately brought us the main dishes. Their service is great and quick and the staff are good as well :)

The bread they are serving is extra amazing, it tastes sooooooo goood :D

The food was great and the prices are not even expensive.
This is a brief review about this restaurant and I am diffidently going there again and again :D
I highly recommend that you go there and try it :)
Hope you like it ;)

Sources of the photos taken at night is archofkuwait website

Enjoy :)


  1. amazing....I think there was an old shisha cafe before this place if I'm not mistaken

    Love the blog ;D...wish u the best of luck

  2. Hello a7madany,

    Thank you for your sweet post :)
    I don't know about the old place, but I sure know that this place is nice and simple and will definitely make u feel comfy ^_^

  3. what was the cost..!!??
    was it expensive..!!?

  4. @hammad2020 No not at all I believe it was 10 KD or something
    its a very nice place and I really recommend going there :)

  5. I loved this place.........soo beautiful