Monday, November 7, 2011

No need to buy or gift #iPhone #Applications hundred times anymore

Tired of buying the iPhone applications two to three times?
Want to share your applications with your family members without buying it again?
Want to have your own apple ID and still share your applications with different apple ID's?

I have faced those problem earlier, where I have to either buy the same applications two times; or gift it to my sister after I buy it and download it into her device.
Well now there is no need for that. You can buy all the applications you want for only one time and share it with the world for an unlimited times. HOW ? easy !

If you want to download your purchased applications for your family members; juts use their devices to do the below steps.

All you have to do is go to Settings

 And then go to Store

 This is where their Apple ID is registered for downloads, purchases and updates.

Press on the apple ID and the below will pop up for you.

Sign Out from their current Apple ID and Use Existing Apple ID "the one you have purchased all your applications from" and you are done.

After than you can go to App store and start downloading all the purchased applications you want :)
This way instead of going to the shop every time you want to update your applications "since its registered with their Apple ID, you can do it home"

Hope this was helpful enough.
Enjoy :)

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