Friday, November 4, 2011

#iPhone4 with the new #iOS5

Everybody is wondering how does the new iOS looks like at iPhone 4. Well no need to wonder anymore, because I am going to provide pictures and a brief description about the new features added to iPhone 4 with iOS 5.

First of all the notifications received from your social networks, messages, missed calls or anything else will be in one place gathered up right there at the header ... How ?? see this photo below

In the above image, you can see that i am pulling down the notifications bar to see what kind of notifications I have. The below photo will show to you how it looks like.


The notification bar shows the weather first, then your social network notifications and finally the US stocks. Here is another example.

And whenever you press on the weather it will show to you three different countries. Your current location, London and Edinburgh like below.

And to clear your notifications all you have to do is to press on the (x) above the list of your notifications and clear it.

Another amazing thing, if you want to check your notifications while your phone is locked all you have to do is to scroll your screen up and down to see them all without even unlocking your phone.

Or you can press on the notification itself to s"slide to view". It will ask you to unlock your phone :)

And this is how it looks like whenever you receive a new notification from either your social networks, iMessage or a missed call etc.

Now of course one of the best features ever is the iMessage. You can use iMessage directly from your messages. Its like sending messages between iOS5 users for free "similar somehow to Whatsapp"
If you want to know the difference between sending a normal message and an iMessage its pretty clear. If the message is in green then its a normal message, and if it was in blue then ur using iMessage.

This one is a normal message.

and this one via iMessage "not necessarily using a phone number, you can also use your email or send iMessage to your friends on their email address (as a new message on their iPhone); if you don't want them to know your number of course" - for this I need to post a new article about adding two addresses on iMessage.

Why iMessage is better than Whatsapp; because in Whatsapp the other person has to have your number in order to be able to communicate with you. As for iMessage, the other person might have only your email without knowing your number and start sending you messages.

If you love reading and want to save some links or web pages for you to read it later ; then there is a special corner for that "just go to bookmarks and select the (Reading List) to see all your saved links, web pages, etc".

Now, let's talk camera.
What I really like among all the new features is this one. If you want to take a photo really quickly without going through the process of unlocking your phone and going to the camera icon, all you have to do is double click on the home screen and then you will have this.

From this feature, you can directly access your camera and start taking photos without even allowing the person who is using your phone to access your photo-stream. All you can see is the photos you have just taken.

PS: And if you want to access your photos you can just swipe the camera to the right and it will show you the photos you have just taken.
Also,this option allows you to access your Music without going through the process of unlocking your iPhone.

They have also enhanced the camera features where you can use the HDR mode. If you use this mode then you will get two similar photos. One is the original photo and the other one is with the HDR mode. Examples are below.

Original Photo

HDR Photo

Of course the HDR photo is more clear than the original one.

Moreover, you can see that they have added the Crop, the red-eye feature for the photo edit ... This is something everyone was complaining about in the previous iOS's.

After cropping the photo

Better yet, instead of trying to find the button whenever you want to take a photo of yourself, you can use the "volume button" to take a photo. So goodbye for holding the iPhone in such a way where it was somehow freaky and welcome the new camera button :D

Finally, we will talk about the sync process between your iPhone and your iTunes using Wireless.
Now, if you have purchased any application using your PC and want to download it into your iPhone without plugging your phone. Just go to the App Store and go to the update corner and you will find all the purchased items; whether it was on your iPhone or not. And then just download it.

This is only a brief description about all the features I have found in iOS5, of course I have to keep on exploring and posting more posts about it :D
Hope this article will motivate you enough to upgrade your current iOS to the new iOS 5 :D

Enjoy ^_^


  1. Nice post lulu (Y) .. but after hearing the battery issue with iOS 5 I'm not upgrading 'til they solve it ;)

  2. Its not gonna be solved because in iPhone 4 there is A4 Processor ship, while in iPhone 4S they have used A5 processor ship which increases the battery's life.
    But anyways if you are not using 3G, then your battery is safe. Currently I am not using 3G service and my battery stays with me for the whole day :)

    So all you need to do is to turn ur 3G off and start enjoying the great features of the new iOS 5 :D