Friday, October 14, 2011

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Again this is another great application for photography lovers. It's one of the applications related to steply group of applications "which I have explained briefly in my previous post".

iDarkroom application is like your own Photoshop on your iPhone. It has some great features and effects which you will definitely love to add to your photos.

On the header you have 5 active icons ready to be used.
1. The first icon is to take a live photo from the camera.
2. The second one is to enroll a photo from your gallery.
3. The third one is to adjust the settings of your photo resolution, share options and to rate the application.

4. The forth one is to save your photo or to share it via any desired social network.

5. The fifth one is a back button.
6. And the last one is to make a random effect.

Now let's talk effects !
Of course you are free to choose any of the existing effects like whatever is displayed below.

Or you may adjust the brightness, the contrast, the blurring effect for certain areas or parts of the photo... etc as you wish. (see the below photos).


What you can do also is that you can chose any effect you'd like to add to your photo, like a rough edge photo, a rotten effect, burned film effect, glowing stars and/or hearts, old paper ,, etc (see photos below).

Better yet, you can also crop your image in so many different ways :) 

And finally, you may add a shadow or a frame to your photo if you want to (see photos below)

This is a small sample of the photo after editing it using iDarkroom

Available for download from the below link
Hope you like it ^_^
Enjoy :)

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