Friday, September 23, 2011

#Steply #iPhone #Application #iPhonePhotography

This is another interesting application for photography lovers. It is pretty much similar to instagram application where you can follow friends, like their photos and even leave a comment.

It is better from instagram with one feature which is uploading your photo without trimming it into the squared frame.

In instragram application the photo should fit into the squared frame and then you can apply the effects and the frames and then post it.

While in steply, you can upload your full photo without the necessity of fitting it into a squared frame, apply effects, write description and share it in different social medias i.e twitter, Facebook, flickr, tumblr, Sina weibo and posterous.

It is really worth downloading it and start using it :)

Here are some photos of this application. Hope you like it.

You may find me under the name of ilulz, and you can download it from the below link.

Enjoy it ;)

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